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Studio IMAGINET was founded thirteen years ago.
My purpose was to focus on what I loved most: designing and working with people from various walks of life.
Since then, the Studio has taken on a life of its own. It has grown and developed. It even began to take me into new directions – it was calling me to GROW! And growing feels good!
Today, we are a joyful group of 13 colorful, talented people and three animals (two dogs and one cat) who have a lot of fun working together, designing all types of print and online materials and programming websites and Web applications. (Obviously, the pets are a bit less involved in this part of the fun).
IMAGINET offers comprehensive design, development and programming solutions for companies and organizations. Our focus is in the areas of medical technology, (including medical instrumentation and devices), biomed, education, society and many, many others.
We specialize in designing and building simple and complex websites (including advanced content management systems), prepress design, packaging solutions and exhibitions.

About Us
Our Philosophy

The inviting Imaginet Studio workspace facilitates cooperation, creativity and professionalism and maintains a friendly, pleasant atmosphere, inside and outside.
Imaginet believes that every person and business has the right to express their identity in a positive way, one that will encourage and help others to connect with them. Therefore, the Imaginet team strives to assist any business or organization in translating their core content and messages into a rich, well-designed visual language.