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Studio Imaginet is a magical sort of place where, if you can imagine it, they can make it real.
Tami Ramati is the core of a group of super-talented people. Each in their own field of expertise serve as a piece of a puzzle that makes up a complete, synergetic unit. They are truly a team that is greater than the sum of their parts.
I worked with Imaginet to rebrand DIR Technologies (www.dir-technologies.com). Together, from the bottom up, we created a stunning range of marketing materials that faithfully express the brand. We collaborated on the branding concept and from that developed corporate templates, business cards, brochures, a completely new website, a product video, and exhibition booths including styling the dress code for meetings and exhibitions. It is exciting to see ideas come to life in tangible products and although I have worked with a number of different providers, I have never seen it done so well and by a single team. I didn’t have to patch together experts for the different projects I needed, they were already in one place and practiced in working smoothly together. That is a big benefit and a rare combination!
Forest Rain Marcia‎‏ | Marcom‎‏ | Dir Technologies

I work with Tami and her team for many years. I can point of about 6 companies in Imaginet portfolio that I’m involved with as partner or acting CTO/CEO while I got full high quality service from Tami and her professional team all along,

including full company branding digital & print, web site building, exhibition booth full design, demo clips, software UX/UI design, brochures, IFU Design and more.

I have to admit I’m a little “addicted” to this great professional team, and the proof is the fact that I am returning again and again.

I find myself turning to Tami and her team over and over again, and to be honest that is not only due to their professionalism and expertise but also the welcoming working environment and atmosphere in the offices.

I met Tami when she was a single professional in her own small company, now  I am proud to realize that today they have grown as I expected and hoped, and from my point of view they are one of the best designers team in Israel.

As a professional with international operations, exposed to multicultural business scene, I can advise that if you need such services don’t hesitate and call Imaginet. Your first step to success.

I truly wish you great success, joy and fulfillment at your new offices.

Finally, If you need more info please email me gershon@undoit-medical.com

Gershon Goldenberg | Entrepreneur

We’ve just began our relationship with Imaginet this year and so far are very pleased with the workflow and the excellent results. After 5 years of dynamic growth, ShenPaz Dental Ltd.  reached a need to revamp its marketing materials and website – uplifting its branding with a human face and gear it towards our B2B business.

Imaginet proved itself to be a perfect fit for our needs. The entire team is professional, fast responding, creative and a pleasure to work with

Loraine Dobler Abir │CEO

The staff at Imaginet Studio provided professional and top quality results for our website.
Very professional team, helpful and talented group of people.

I’m happy to recommend on them.

Zack Sharon, Sales & Marketing Director | sol-chip.com