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UX for a laser orbital cutting machine for dental implants
Many times, the engineer who designs a machine also designs the related operating interface. (Operating interface refers to the display on the screen when a machine is in use.) And often, more thought goes into information related to machine operation rather than the information the user needs or the overall user experience.
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Machine vs. human interface

The purpose of most operating interfaces is simple: To produce an interaction based on machine feedback that enables the operator to make the right decisions during a given process for effective monitoring and control.
M Shoham’s laser orbital cutting machine interface comprised three screens used during three main operations:

(1) building an action plan for welding an implant

(2) operating a plan

(3) stopping a plan. Although the screens were filled with details, there was no clear hierarchy, making the interface difficult and ineffective for the user.

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Characterization within (system) limitations

One of the biggest challenges related to the technology underlying the display: It relied on a closed system with low visual capabilities.
We explored the limitations of the system to develop a visual representation for the user to quickly and easily comprehend what was happening inside the machine. In addition, by reorganizing the information on the three main screens, we produced an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

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A clean, harmonious design

As the last part of the project, we designed a simple, appealing visual language well suited to the tools and display limitations. The cleaner and clearer look made the interface much more convenient for the user.
The new UX led to two significant changes:

(1) New users no longer need an intensive course to understand the interface.

(2) The machine is now much easier to sell to other factories.

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