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interactive touchpad in the kitchen
MTtech approached us to develop an innovative product, Kisense, an interactive kitchen touchpad. This fascinating project raised a number of issues: How can we design for a screen three times larger than a standard computer screen? How do we treat usability when the users are different heights? How can we ensure a successful user experience for multiple users at once?
We realized the product brought together two worlds: the world of uses and habits and the world of expectations and possibilities.
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(Old) habits meet (new) possibilities

As our first step, we asked, “What would a user expect and need from a large device set in the middle of the kitchen?” To aid with mapping the needs of potential users, we developed a group of personas with diverse characteristics — varying ages, technological proficiency, cooking levels, and even relationship status.

At the same time, we studied Kisense’s capabilities: Internet connectivity, smart-home integration, barcode scanning, fingerprint recognition, and on-screen weighing.

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Advanced technology and plenty of screen space

The advanced technology underlying Kisense enables it to transmit an abundance of information. We defined use processes based on different situations and needs:

findividuals or multiple users at once, a quick-action menu that could be accessed from any direction and actions with three fingers (such as moving or rotating windows in different directions).

Our goal: To create a system that not only felt familiar and inviting but was at the same time new and easily adaptable to its place at the heart of the home.

We examined each screen component in its actual size, using an erasable whiteboard that we situated in such a way as to simulate the height of a kitchen countertop on which we had drawn and pasted printed elements.

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Capturing the “atmosphere”: a clean look and native apps

To design the Kisense visual atmosphere, we believed it was critical to follow the guiding principles of familiarity and user friendliness while keeping in mind the product’s uniqueness. We created a visual language that combines dark, easy-on-the-eye backgrounds with slender icons and touches of turquoise to add interest and highlight important information.
We also characterized and designed three native apps: (1) a recipe app, (2) a scale that cooperates with it , and (3) a phoning interface that connects to a mobile device.

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