Taavura Tifzoret

Specializes in transporting powders in tankers to the concrete industry, the quarries industry, the construction products industry, and various industries across the country.

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Ordering system
Taavura Tifzoret is a company that specializes in transporting dry powders in tankers (Cement, limestone, sand, dirt, etc.). In order to relieve the workload on their customer service department and improve efficiency, they decided to develop an online ordering system that will connect to their database and to the Ituran location system of their trucks.
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Permissions and location services

We began by studying the company’s ordering database and learned each client had different permissions for cargos and destinations. We understood clients should receive limited options to fill and edit their orders and that one of the system’s main purposes is that customer service employees can provide better and quicker service to customers on the phone.

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Live Order Status

The system we characterized shows a list of active orders with an option to add a new order. The list can be filtered by different features. The most prominent feature is the status which is updated as the order goes through the necessary process. This gives an immediate indication of the overall situation and supports quick decision-making. Every order has an expanded view with additional information which includes the live position of the cargo.

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Design that works

We designed a clean dashboard where ease of usability and clarity of information rules. The color scheme feels professional and earnest. This style became the branding for Taavura Tifzoret and was also used for their website, which we also designed.

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