By Studio Imaginet | August 31, 2021

Think like a brand – The three steps

Brand building process

A company’s branding process is made up of several stages. Just like building a business plan, a branding process involves a macro and micro research process during which the values ​​that the business is interested in presenting are selected. This is in-depth strategic thinking, which sometimes includes psychological aspects.

Step One – Knowledge is power

Accumulation of knowledge. Before you start talking about the jar, you need to know what is inside it, what its essence is. The company must know in depth the services or products it offers, what basic needs they provide and what is the position of the competitors in the product category. Most often we find the most expensive competitor, the cheapest competitor, the competitor with the largest advertising budgets and of course the competitor who claims to be the best, this competitor works intensively on his positioning.

Step Two – Differentiation

After we have accumulated a considerable number of pages and information about us and our competitors, it is time to look at the product and ask how it differs from the other products. There is a belief that existing businesses do not need to work on their differentiation, they have an experience, they are already known, etc. But these assumptions no longer meets the test of reality. In today’s competitive business world, it is essential that every business, small and large, new as well as old knows how to differentiate itself from the rest of its competitors. Consequently, the company can identify itself with values ​​that match the views of its potential customers and earn more. To do this, one has to make a list of differentiating features. When we make a list of features that we did not find at the competitors, we will connect one that will be the apex that will lead the branding process and we will present it to the customers we want to contact.

Step Three – Testing your tools

Surveys are a great way to test whether the feature we have chosen does indeed reflect the needs of our customers. A marketing survey can give us an accurate picture of the desired feature, if we did not choose one or if we chose one, we can ask and test if it speaks to the customers.

The importance of the branding process

The branding process has a very broad impact on the business – it is about building an image for the business. Image means the image we give to a business, the sum of our feelings, thoughts and feelings about it. Forming a visual, unique identity of the business helps to recruit employees, raise morale and create a unity of purpose that is worth a lot of money to the business.

A branding process is necessary for the promotion of the company and requires listening to the needs of the business, a deep understanding of the target audience and customers and an examination of the company’s product and its unique data.

Our studio will lead and accompany the branding process of your business! The time is now!